Vulvar lipoma: rare case, rare location


Background. Vulvar lipomas are very rare pathologies: indeed, only few cases are reported in the literature.
Case presentation. We reported clinical, diagnostic and therapeutical choices of a 44-year aged patient with a rare abnormally sized vulvar lipoma. A Diamond-shaped skin incision was performed and the neoformation was removed without capsule lesions. A vaginal plastic skin-reducing was performed to reduce redundant tissue. The deep planes of the lesion have been reconstructed to avoid leakage.
Conclusions. This kind of lipomas can be potentially diagnosed through clinical examination because of their specific characteristics. However, imaging is advisable to differentiate benign neoplasm from malignant one. Different approaches can be achieved for lipomas based on the size of lump, patient’s feelings and necessities and the operation goals; however, the complete surgical excision with the removal of capsules to prevent recurrence remains the treatment of choice for vulvar lipomas. Different surgical approaches aim to achieve better esthetical results, less scarring, and less colour discordance of the connected tissues post-surgery. Surgery is the gold standard for treatment of vulvar lesions. Currently, there is no evidence of long-term follow-up in the literature. We recommend an adequate counselling with the patient to understand their needs and encouraging them to seek medical advice and to tailor the treatment of such lesions.

Table of Content: Vol. 36 (No. 1) 2024 March

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