Topical haemostatics and sealants in gynaecological and obstetric surgery: state of the art


Nowadays a large variety of topical haemostatics and surgical sealants are available and widely used in gynaecology and obstetrics when conventional manoeuvres to treat or prevent haemorrhage or seroma/lymphocele could appear insufficient, but most of publications relate to other surgical specialties. A recent European consensus on the optimal use of haemostatic powders in surgery, has pointed out the value of these agents and the powder formulation of microporous polysaccharide spheres has shown the strongest evidence to support its optimal use. Anyway, it is advisable that specific and appropriate perspective clinical trials on topical haemostatics and surgical sealants are carried out in the future, focused on gynaecological and obstetric surgery, to allow Obgyn specialists to obtain the maximum benefits from the use of these agents in their practice.

Table of Content: Vol. 34 (No. 3) 2022 September

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