Single-port laparoscopy versus conventional laparoscopy for management of benign adnexal masses during pregnancy: a comparative study


Objective. Single-port laparoscopic surgery (SPL) is a newly developed surgical technique which was evolved from conventional laparoscopic surgery (CL). Sufficient evaluation of roles and benefits of SPL surgery for excision of adnexal masses discovered during pregnancy was not done.
Aim of the study was to compare between SPL and CL surgeries in management of benign adnexal masses during pregnancy regarding benefits, advantages, disadvantages and operative outcomes.
Patients and Methods. This retrospective cohort study included 100 patients who underwent laparoscopic adnexal surgeries during pregnancy. We divided included patients into 2 groups the first group included 50 and underwent single-port laparoscopic surgery (SPL) and the second group included 50 patients and underwent conventional laparoscopic surgery (CL).
Results. There was a statistically significant difference between both groups of patients as regard cosmetic scar satisfaction which was more in the SPL group (p ≤ 0.001).
Operative time was longer in the SPL group of patients than in the CL group of patients with statistically significant differences (p < 0.001).
Conclusions. We showed that SPL was considered a feasible and safe approach for laparoscopic excision of adnexal masses during pregnancy.

Table of Content: Vol. 36 (No. 2) 2024 June

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