Prevention of negative late neurodevelopmental outcomes of prematurity: a case series of interventions on ex premature children early screened for adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes

Background. Prematurity-related negative outcomes are changing due to the widespread improvement of neonatal care. Preterm infants survive at earlier stages without major brain lesions, so that concerns about their negative neurodevelopmental outcomes have therefore shifted to a long-term perspective, that implies early screening to change adverse developmental and behavioral trajectories.
Case presentation. We present a case series of 6 out of 51 ex-premature children (and their follow-up after 6 months) screened at early stages (6-36 months of corrected age) and tested positive for neurodevelopmental and behavioral problems.
Conclusions. Indication for treatment and on-site interventional programs are discussed as well as parental, prenatal, intrapartum and neonatal risk factors associated with their clinical outcome.

Table of Content: Vol. 35 (Supplement No. 1) 2023 – Conference Proceedings

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