Partial hydatidiform mole with alive pre-term foetus: a case report


Background. Partial hydatiform mole (PHM) with an alive foetus is exceptional (0.005% to 0.01% of all pregnancies).
Case presentation. Here we report a case of a 33-year-old multiparous woman. The diagnosis of PHM was suspected late, at 28 weeks gestational age. After a spontaneous initiation of the labour, at 34th weeks gestational age, she gave birth to a normal living baby. Histopathology of the placenta confirmed the PHM while the karyotype of the new-born was 46XX. The level of beta chorionic gonadotropin (βHCG) was negative after three weeks post-delivery. Currently, the child is two years old with normal psycho-motor development.
Conclusions. Despite the multiple and serious complications that may arise in patients with PHM, a favourable outcome is possible.

Table of Content: Vol. 35 (No. 3) 2023 September

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