Paraovarian serous cystadenofibroma: a rare case in a young woman and its management implications

Background. Cystadenofibroma of the ovary is a relatively rare benign tumor which originates from the germinal lining and the stroma of the ovary. Paraovarian serous cystadenofibromas are even rarer, with only three cases reported in literature. Since cystadenofibroma may present as a malignant tumor on preoperative examinations and/or macroscopically during surgery, it may cause both diagnostic and operative problems when treating young patients.
Case presentation. We present a case of a young patient with paraovarian serous cystadenofibroma, appearing as an absolutely benign lesion on preoperative ultrasound, but as a malignant tumor during surgery, that was finally treated by laparoscopy and completely preserving the patient’s fertility.
Conclusions. The possibility of the occurrence of a paraovarian serous cystade nofibroma in a very young woman should be taken into account.

Table of Content: Vol. 34 (No. 3) 2022 September

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