Menopause and HRT (Use and Concerns) among Jordanian Women: A Cross Sectional Study


Objective. Menopause is the permanent end of menstruation where a woman suffers from variable symptom Hot flushes are the most prevalent and hormone replacement therapy is frequently prescribed for relieving menopausal symptoms, specifically hot flushes. In this study, we aimed to study menopause in the Jordanian population in regards to average age, most common symptoms, awareness, and attitude toward using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) s an available treatment option.
Materials and Methods. A self-reported questionnaire was distributed online and the answers of 566 menopausal women between the ages of 45-65 were analyzed in the study.
Results. The average age of menopause was 48.2. Fatigue and muscle pain were the most reported symptoms of the 260 women who sought a doctor for their symptoms, and 81 of them were prescribed HRT for symptom relief. The majority of them reported improvements in symptoms like hot flushes by 40.7% and 3.5% reported improvements in night sweats. Women were evaluated for the most common side effects of HRT, and breast cancer was identified as the most common side effect among both HRT and non-HRT users, with a p-value < .001. Interestingly, both groups showed high intentions for not using HRT in the future, with 59.4% of HRT users and 62.6% of non-HRT users citing concerns over side effects.
Conclusions. This highlights the need to raise awareness about HRT perhaps through brochures, campaigns, and direct advice from primary health care doctors.

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