Hysteroscopic morcellation – a novel method of scar ectopic pregnancy management: case report and review of literature


Background. Caesarean scar ectopic pregnancy is a rare event in which an early pregnancy implants in the scar from a previous caesarean delivery. It is considered to be a life threatening complication of caesarean section, therefore early diagnosis and timely treatment is mandatory. Treatment objective is to terminate pregnancy, reduce bleeding and fertility preservation.  Medical, surgical and minimally invasive treatments are available but optimal treatment is unknown.
Case presentation. We describe the case of caesarean scar ectopic diagnosed by USG and MRI, managed by both medical and surgical method, using methotrexate and hysteroscopic morcellator. Review of literature was undertaken of available literatures by google search of data bases from Jan 1992 to Jan 2023.
Conclusions. Hysteroscopic management offers advantages over local or systemic methotrexate injection with a more rapid return to normal βhCG level, reduction in follow-up time, and is well-accepted by the patients.

Table of Content: Vol. 35 (No. 3) 2023 September

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