Asymptomatic uterine rupture in a term pregnancy following a uterine perforation in a hysteroscopic procedure: a case report


Background. Uterine perforation in gynaecologic procedures may go unnoticed. Even when such a perforation is diagnosed; there are no standardized recommendations for the management, interval to the pregnancy, specific surveillance during pregnancy, and mode of subsequent delivery. We are reporting this case to raise awareness that previous uterine instrumentation is a red flag for possible uterine rupture in pregnancy.
Case presentation. This is a case report of a young lady who had an asymptomatic uterine rupture during pregnancy following a previous uterine perforation in a diagnostic hysteroscopy. Ultrasound for foetal surveillance did not report on uterine myometrial defect. Maternal and foetal outcomes were good.
Conclusions. The outcome of uterine rupture is likely to depend on the mechanism of the perforation, the size, the location of the perforation, the management of the peroration at diagnosis, and the interval between the perforation and the pregnancy.

Table of Content: Vol. 36 (No. 1) 2024 March

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